Myself, along with four other team members developed a brand identity for our client, GoGarden. They were competing in Central Michigan University's New Venture Competition in the Spring of 2014 and needed some design direction. GoGarden is a mobile application they were in the early stages of creating. It is a social relationship manager application to create connections and cultivate existing ones. In your "garden," you can have multiple ones such as personal and professional, which let's you know how well you're keeping in contact with people.


For the competition they wanted us to create business cards for each team member and a landing page. They already had an existing logo, which we felt didn't appropriately fit in with their story. We convinced them to rethink their brand techniques and I ended up creating the final logo. For the business cards we wanted to create something that would help our client stand out in the competition. Our idea was to place each card in a seed packet with actual seeds inside, so it became more than just a business card; it became something that anyone could use and made our client memorable.


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